Things I want to do

  1. Take a vacation – a six-month-long vacation doing nothing but eating good food, drinking good wine, reading, and running (which is not going to happen in a long long time).
  2. Spend a month at Palolem beach, Goa, India (a secluded beach on the Goa-Karnataka border, beautiful and serene)
  3. Travel – go to Australia, New Zealand, Italy, Switzerland, Alaska, Hawaii and more places (when I hit the Jackpot)
  4. Run a half-marathon
  5. Read books – uninterrupted (possible only when the kids grow up)
  6. Start an education-focused Internet startup (have lots of half-baked ideas, but it’s not the right time)
  7. Philanthropy – Start a non-profit organization, focused on education of underprivileged children (planning stage)
  8. Give a TED  talk (a new idea that came to my mind in 11/2011)
  9. Buy a house close to Stanford or on campus (great place to live especially after retirement).

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