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Best Universities, Most Dropouts

22 Dec

In 2009, President Barack Obama talked about the US losing its competitive edge, and wanted to increase the college graduation rates. The competition, he said, would come from developing countries like China and India. Manufacturing jobs have mostly gone to China and customer service to India and other Asian countries. More and more private companies have been setting up Research and Development centers in emerging economies where they can find cheap and talented workforce.

The public school system are not delivering the results despite the spending (as a percentage of GDP) being higher than other developed countries. Funding to schools are being cut, teachers are being fired, and mediocrity has taken over. The No Child Left Behind Act has also played its part.

  • There are about 3 million students graduating from high school each year.
  • Approximately 70% (2.1 million) are enrolling in college within two years of graduating from school.
  • The total undergraduate enrollment is 17.5 million.
  • Only 57% are completing a bachelor’s degree within 6 years.
  • 43% students fail to complete a bachelor’s degree in 6 years or are dropping out.

Per a US News report, 6 of the top 10 universities, 13 of the top 20, and  a large proportion of  the world’s best universities are located in the US. If the US has the best universities in the world, why are so many students failing to graduate from college? The dropout rate in the US is the highest among the OECD (also the most developed) countries.


College Enrollment and Graduation Rates

14 Dec

Here are some interesting facts about college enrollment and graduation rates.

Graduation Rates
High school graduates per year                                  3 million
High school graduates enrolling in college            70% (2.1 million)
Bachelor’s degree graduates (in 2008-09)              1.6 million

Undergraduate enrollment rates
Total                           17.5 million
Male                            45%
Female                       55%
Full-time                   11 million
Part-time                  6.5 million

Public                                          13.5 million
Private (not-for-profit)        2.5 million
Private (for profit)                 1.5 million

4-year                                          10 million
Full time: 8 million / Part time: 2 million
Public: 6.2 million / Private: 3.8 million

2-year                                          7.5 million
Full time: 3.2 million / Part time 4.3 million
Public: 7.1 million / Private: 0.4 million

Income Level
Low income                        55%
Middle income                  67%
High income                       84%

Asian                90%
White                71%
Black                 63%
Hispanic          62%

Male             45%
Female        55%

Completion Rates
Completed a bachelor’s degree in 6 years    57%
White                                     57%
Hispanic                               44%
Black                                       39%
Public                                    55%
Private not-for-profit     65%
Private forprofit                22%

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