Orville Wright Did Not Have A Pilot’s License

29 Aug

“Orville Wright Did Not Have A Pilot’s License”

This is the entire text of chapter 19 in the book Orbiting the Giant Hairball. The author, Gordon McKenzie, has conveyed a profound message in these eight words. The Wright brothers did not need anyone’s permission to invent the airplane. They had the passion, creativity, and persistence to follow their dreams. They inspired their friends and family members into helping them, and together they pursued their idea of helping man fly.

The book is about creativity in the workplace and how one can avoid getting tangled in the rules and systems of the bureaucracy (the hairball) by orbiting it tangentially (being creative while working within constraints).

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Orville Wright Did Not Have A Pilot’s License
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One Response to “Orville Wright Did Not Have A Pilot’s License”

  1. deceneu28 April 25, 2014 at 9:53 am #

    There are many technical problems with Flyer I 1903. The plane was unstable, underpowered and had propellers that appeared only in 1908, exactly in the same year when the Wright brothers flew for the first time in front of credible witnesses. The brothers simply lied about their flights from 1903-1905. They built their planes in France in 1908 with french engines (Bariquand et Marre), french propellers and using the entire French flight experience of 1908.


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