Cincinnati Is The New Happening Place

10 Jan


Five years ago, I’d visited Cincinnati for the first time at night, and it looked marvelous from the bridge connecting Cincinnati with Kentucky. After living in silicon valley for over a year, it felt different. I took up a job in Mason, a sleepy suburb of Cincinnati (CNN Money recently ranked it the 24th best place to live in the US, which is kind of cool), and have stayed in this area ever since. I love it here. Sharon Woods park ( and other beautiful parks), Sawyer Point (my favorite place during summer), Fountain Square, Union Terminal (a collection of three museums and an Omnimax theater), Kings Island, Coney Island, Newport aquarium, the zoo, and a few other attractions make the Cincinnati area a pretty nice place to raise children. But eventually, I got used to this life. And I felt that it’s a boring place with nothing to do during winter and not many career opportunities to explore. The economy is weak too. The Mason school district is awesome, by the way.

Downtown Cincinnati

To my surprise, Lonely Planet named Cincinnati among it’s top ten tourist destinations in the US for 2012. And here is a detailed explanation by Steve Fuller, an associate professor at the University of Cincinnati.

Also, Bloomberg Businessweek named Cincinnati third in the cities with highest growth in the tech jobs.

I’m proud that I live in a happening place :).

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