Kindle Fire

4 Oct

Amazon launched its much anticipated Kindle Fire tablet last week. The initial preorder numbers are breaking iPad’s sales record. I didn’t buy the iPad. Will I buy Kindle Fire?

iPad is a great device. It’s ultra-portable, ultra-fast, and has more than 100,000 apps. I didn’t buy an iPad because I didn’t want to spend $500 on something I didn’t need or want.

  • I always have a laptop handy, one in the office and three at home.
  • I don’t play computer games. I don’t have time or interest.
  • I read a lot, but prefer a print book. I do have a Kindle but I don’t use it. I bought it because I wanted to buy one. And it was cheap ($116).
  • My Windows 7 laptop wakes up in about 2-4 seconds, which works fine for Internet surfing.
  • I take a physical notebook to office meetings for taking notes.
  • In office meetings, I use my iPhone to read emails. I hate writing emails on virtual keyboard.
  • I don’t need to carry a laptop or tablet anywhere. The iPhone does the job very well.

I didn’t have any plans to buy Kindle Fire … until I heard the price, $199, which is $300 less than the cheapest iPad. It doesn’t have a camera, accelerometer, and thousands of apps, and it’s smaller (7″ screen). But I think it would do most of the work an iPad does and do it equally well. For a lot less money. It’s definitely not an iPad killer, but I think it’s going to hurt iPad sales a lot. Apple created the iPad mainly as a consumption device with more features, and Amazon took this one step further and created a consumption-only device, which is a lot cheaper. Apple makes money on hardware. Amazon plans to make money on software.

My kids love the iPhone, and they use it more than I do. That’s why I call it the most expensive toy I’ve ever bought or will buy. I can imagine them getting something bigger than the iPhone and going crazy. And I won’t have to pay for it every month.

Kindle Fire – I still don’t need it, but I’d love to have it. I think my kids are getting it this Christmas.

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  1. Kindle Forums October 5, 2011 at 10:04 am #

    If you don’t have a tablet, I think the Kindle Fire is a great buy. I have an ipad so I probably won’t get the Fire.

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