The Two Most Effective “Apps” for Kids

13 Jun

Last month, I read a blog post Why Every Child in America Needs an iPad. The blogger wrote the post while having dinner with his wife. It’s a wonder his wife has not already left him.

The logic is simple – kids watch a lot of TV, so giving them an iPad will lure them away from the TV into the beautiful world of iPad where they can use apps to learn a lot of things. Except if they don’t watch videos, browse the Internet, listen to music, don’t log in to facebook, etc. Simple enough. From one device to another, same addiction, mostly passive behavior. The comments on this blog post are great.

The kids tech-toys company VTech is releasing a touchscreen device  this fall – the InnoTab – with kids-friendly apps.

Why don’t we use the two most effective apps of all time – “Mom” and “Dad”? Help the kids learn effectively, everything from math to social behavior and languages?

Can we please stop using technology as a babysitter?


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