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Macs Are Virus-Free? Think Again.

21 May

I read a very interesting article on ZDNet yesterday.  Security researcher Charlie Miller says Safari on Mac is the easiest to hack, and so is Firefox on Mac. This is coherent with what many people say – Macs are not inherently secure. There are just not enough hackers wanting to spend time and effort writing viruses for Macs becuase of the small number of Mac users compared to Windows.

Here’s the post –

Here’s another – Apple security is ‘struggling,’ researcher says

Microsoft vs. Apple – The Ad War

20 May

I’m not a fan of  Microsoft but I’ve been a PC user all my life. And I Admire Bill Gates – he is a genius. And, surprisingly, I admire Steve Ballmer too – he is a great CEO and very aggressive.

I’m not an Apple fanboy either but I admire Steve Jobs – he is a design genius. And Apple products are simply great.

Apple has been making fun of Microsoft for too long, but with a new $100 million ad campaign, Microsoft is hitting back. It is a clever campaign, not just ads, but a campaign. And it’s hurting Apple and I have a feeling it’s going to get worse after Windows 7 launches given the rave reviews it has received even from Mac users.

Though the initial ads generated criticism, I loved the Bill Gates-Jerry Seinfield ads. So here it is, the first two ads and the laptop hunter ads launched so far.

1. Jerry Seinfeld and Bill Gates Buy Discount Shoes

2. New Family – Jerry Seinfeld and Bill Gates Ad (Long Version)

3. Laptop Hunters $1000 – Lauren Gets an HP Pavilion

4. Laptop Hunters $1500 – Giampaolo gets an HP HDX

5. Laptop Hunters $1500 Lisa and Jackson get a Sony VAIO

6. Laptop Hunters $2000 – Sheila gets an HP HDX

7. Laptop Hunters $1700 – Lauren and Sue get a Dell XPS 13

And here’s Apple’s response.

1. Apple’s “Get a Mac” Web ad: “Elimination”

2. Apple’s “Get a Mac” Web ad: “PC Choice Chat”