New Year Resolutions – Quarterly Review

9 Apr

The first quarter of this year has ended and it’s time to review my new year resolutions and evaluate how I’m doing on each of the resolutions.

  1. Stop procrastinating (this should be priority number one every day of my life) – I’m getting there. Better than before but not yet satisfactory. (3/5)
  2. Spend more time with my kids, engaged with them, not just being home – Started off quite well but lost steam. (1/5)
  3. Resume exercise, after a four months break – Had started hitting the gym three days a week but lost motivation. Have resumed after a break. (1/5)
  4. Write a post on this blog every week and focus on what interests me most – technology-based learning – Getting better and trying. (2/5)
  5. Learn PHP – Changed goal. Learning css-based Web design first.
  6. Learn Economics (I manage the technology projects for Economics in my company so it makes sense to know the subject matter) – Had started but changed goal to learning about the current recession. (2/5)
  7. Work on the prototype for a Web 2.0 learning product – Have started with learning web design. (1/5)
  8. Improve focus (on personal as well as professional things) – Not much improvement. (1/5)
  9. Not waste time (I don’t waste much time anyway but …) – Not sure how I’m doing on this one. Same as before. (3/5)

Overall, my self evalulation resulted in my realizing how poorly I’m doing on my new year resolutions. The good news is that I have not dropped any resolution, which means I still have a pretty strong chance of scoring 5/5 by the end of this year.


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