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President Barack Obama’s Inauguration Address

21 Jan

Finally … My New Year Resolutions

21 Jan

After procrastinating for almost three weeks, I’m getting down to writing my new year resolutions for 2009. As it happens in every year, I break some resolutions before I can write them down,  some during the course of the year, some I postpone until next year, and I definitely keep the rest of them.

This year I will:

  1. Stop procrastinating (this should be priority number one every day of my life).
  2. Spend more time with my kids, engaged with them, not just being home.
  3. Resume exercise, after a four months break.
  4. Write a post on this blog every week and focus on what interests me most – technology-based learning.
  5. Learn PHP.
  6. Learn Economics (I manage the technology projects for Economics in my company so it makes sense to know the subject matter).
  7. Work on the prototype for a Web 2.0 learning product.
  8. Improve focus (on personal as well as professional things).
  9. Not waste time (I don’t waste much time anyway but …)