Exercise? If only there were 25 hours in a day

29 May

Most of us, at some point in time, have wanted to start exercising. Some of us do finally start it, albeit only for a few days or months. Some intend to start exercising but they are never able to make the transition from the planning to the execution phase. The most common reason – a lack of time.

How can I spend my valuable time exercising – at home or at the gym? My life is so busy, will a full time job, groceries, children, television, and numerous other engagements (and of course, sleeping). And there are only 24 hours in a day! And I’m busy all these 24 hours. If I had just an hour or two extra in a day, I’d exercise daily, because then I’d have extra time when I’m free. Have you had a similar thought lately? Well, guess what – there are only 24 hours in a day! And that 25th hour is never going to come.

Time is most common excuses (and a perfectly valid reason, in some cases) for not exercising. There is an old saying that a piece of work stretches to occupy the time available. The amount of work we do in 24 hours would stretch and fill the 25th hour too, and there will still not be enough time to exercise. I have faced the same issue, and despite the occasional motivation to go to the gym, have never found enough time. Until last year.

I have been regularly (three days a week) going to the gym for the last one year or so, and arrived at the conclusion that it’s not the time but motivation that has always prevented me from exercising. And I have started believing that this is the case with most of us. We are not motivated enough. Even if the motivation hits us sometimes, it goes away as soon as it came.

Exercising at home, park, or a gym, takes a little time and lots of motivation. The motivation to make a beginning, motivation to keep it up for a long time. And motivation must have a reason behind it. Motivation is an intrinsic state of mind, and comes from a realization, a goal, or in some cases, like mine, a shock.

So where does the motivation for exercising come from? Here are some of the most common reasons.

An overweight person:

  • wants to slim down and look good
  • has to reverse a medical condition, such as high blood pressure
  • wants to avoid some ailments for which s/he has high risk of catching

An average weight person:

  • wants to lose fat and tone her/his body
  • has to reverse a medical condition, such as high cholesterol, or prevent it
  • wants to build more muscle mass
  • remain active in old age

People who are happy with their weight and shape and are physically fit find no reason to exercise, and hence, there is no motivation for them to go to the gym. However, there are many benefits to exercising, even for healthy people. So here’s my advice – if you are overweight, hit the gym. Even if you think you are healthy, get yourself checked by a doctor – you never know what’s happening inside your body. If you have a genetically high risk of high blood pressure, it’s very important to prevent it from happening.

There are many more benefits to exercising. And the elusive 25th hour will never come. So motivate yourself … and join a gym.


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