A Healthy Lifestyle: Now What’s That?

1 May

If you are 30+ and have a job that requires you to be in the office the whole day (and evenings), this post is for you.

Most of us lead a sedentary lifestyle with all kinds of amenities to take care of physical work. And most of us do not exercise, or rather, do not have time to exercise. Leading a busy life with a family and job can be very demanding with virtually not free time. All free time is spent doing “important” things like shopping, watching movies, and eating. Where in the world is free time, you ask? I wish there were 25 hours in a day, so I’d have one hour to swim, jog, and hit the gym. Well, guess what, there are only 24 hours in a day, so …. no time for exercise.

Is exercise necessary to lead a healthy lifestyle? Most of us think we already avoid junk food, we are not fat, so we are healthy, right? Wrong. A healthy lifestyle goes beyond junk food and being thin (or not being fat). I realized the truth the hard way.

Last summer, I got my lipid profile done. If you have never got yours done, here’s what it is. You don’t eat 12 hours prior to giving your blood sample. You can’t even drink anything except water. You go to the doctor, they draw some blood for testing, and within a day or two, they tell you the results. You get to know what your blood sugar level is, your LDL (Low Density Lipoprotein, also called the bad cholesterol), HDL (High Density Lipoprotein, also called the good cholesterol), the triglyceride levels, and some other things.

When I got the results, every reading was way above the acceptable limits. I’m thin, used to exercise, though never regularly and may be not the correct exercises, so I was under the impression that I was healthy as a horse. Not really, the doctor said. I was scared. I didn’t want to get a heart attack at this stage of life. So I did some reading on the Internet. The more results Google returns, the more confusing everything seems. But one thing common across most of the Web sites is the theme – healthy lifestyle. Some sites do talk about fat-melting tea or drink or something. I will write about why these drinks don’t (and can’t work).

By the way, eight months later, I got my lipid profile done again. And this time, everything was perfectly normal. I was relieved. I will write about how I did it and you can try and make it work for you too. In the meantime, go to Google and do a keyword search for healthy lifestyle.


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